How are Chapters managed from IIOM International?

Each chapter signs a Delegation agreement that describes the way in which IIOM International expects each Chapter to be organised. In each territory it will be necessary to establish a legal identity for the chapter and agree Articles of Association defining the legal working arrangements.

The Chapter Members handbook will help members and officers with expected behaviour and process.

Each Chapter will have an elected Chairperson and Council, the Chapter Chairperson automatically becomes an IIOM International director.

Are members from one Chapter able to attend another Chapters meetings?

Members from all chapters are allowed to attend a reasonable amount of meetings by invitation of other chapters free of charge provided the meeting is free for the inviting chapter.

Exceptions are chapter internal meetings e.g. the AGM, meetings with financial reporting, etc.

Any costs incurred will be passed on to the participant (catering flat rates, conference flat rates, etc.).

This applies to all IIOM chapters.

How is each Chapter funded?

All member fees will be collected by local Chapters to enable them to provide services to members in accordance with IIOM International agreements.  Local Chapters will be able to generate income from sponsorship locally.

A chapter fee will be payable to IIOM International as agreed by the Chapter council and the IIOM International board.

What level of independence does each Chapter have?

Each Chapter will generate its own budget and set membership fees locally. IIOM International remains responsible for setting membership fees for professional grades of membership.

Each Chapter will manage a local website in an appropriate language. Chapter meeting content and organisation will be locally agreed. The provision of in-country secretariat will also be decided locally.

Will CPD be deliverable from within each Chapter territory?

A small number of assessed companies have become IIOM endorsed trainers and will be able to deliver the IIOM Certificate and Diploma in country or online depending on the location.

It is expected that more IIOM Endorsed trainer companies will be engaged from around the world.

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