Professional Development


IIOM seeks to promote and support the adoption of Obsolescence Management best practices and actively encourages the professional development of practitioners.

The education, training and experience that practitioners typically undertake enables them to work in accordance with the Internationally recognised Obsolescence Standard IEC 62402:2019.

Increasingly, customers are asking for information about the suppliers’ Obsolescence Management processes and nominated practitioners when inviting bids for products, systems or services. Their motivation is to improve performance and reduce obsolescence risk in contracts.

With this in mind IIOM has developed a competence framework where essential competencies are recognised at Associate, Member and Fellow grades of individual membership. A working group of member companies has formed this framework.

Entry Level Grade – Associate Grade

At the Associate (AIIOM) grade members are able to demonstrate that they meet the requirements of the competence framework by passing the IIOM Short Course in Obsolescence Management at IIOM Associate Grade as provided by the IIOM Endorsed Trainers.

These are:

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Higher Grades – MIIOM & FIIOM

Options for Membership (MIIOM) and Fellowship (FIIOM) have been investigated, e.g. by benchmarking with other UK institutions including the IET, BCS, IMechE

  • Criteria for MIIOM and FIIOM have been developed based on an assessment of the applicant’s learning, experience, responsibilities, and achievements (no exams)
  • Application forms, supporter’s forms, and guidelines have been produced and reviewed by the Professional Standards & Membership Committee and IIOM International Board.
  • Applications are now open. Please see MIIOM and FIIOM Page.

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IIOM regularly hosts meetings, conferences and other events for professional development and networking. Attending a meeting as a guest is a great way to learn about the organization before joining.


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