Professional Development

MIIOM and FIIOM Membership

IIOM has now opened the registration process for the higher grades of qualification for Obsolescence Professionals.

The forms and guidance listed here need to be downloaded and completed then submitted to the IIOM administration team ( for recording prior to submission to the Professional Development and Membership Committee for assessment.

Delegates are also encouraged to familiarise themselves with the content of the Members Handbook that is available on the About Us tab under Governance.

If you wish to discuss the process or your application, please send an email to

MIIOM Membership

*Word versions available on request. Email

FIIOM Membership

*Word versions available on request. Email

View our events

IIOM regularly hosts meetings, conferences and other events for professional development and networking. Attending a meeting as a guest is a great way to learn about the organization before joining.


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