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The International Institute of Obsolescence Management (IIOM International) is a not for profit organisation that exists to advance the science and practice of Obsolescence Management.

It is the organisation exercising its powers through delegation agreements to independent legal entities in the UK and various countries designated as Chapters.

The IIOM International Board of Management have responsibility for the legal and corporate governance of the IIOM International.

IIOM Chapters are the way in which IIOM Members can organise local work, events and other activities.  IIOM Chapters are run by a Chapter Council and will have committees as suits their numbers and interests.  Chapters will be legal entities in their own country.

IIOM International members are the IIOM International directors. IIOM International will also maintain a Register of Obsolescence Management Practitioners who achieve the relevant qualifications and apply to be an Associate, Member or Fellow of the Institute.

IIOM Chapter members join the IIOM Chapter to participate in its activities and / or gain from its services.  There are a number of types of membership; including Corporate (for organisations and companies), and various classes of Individual membership: Fellows, Members, Associates, Students and Affiliates.

All IIOM Chapter members can influence the direction of the IIOM Chapter and IIOM International through their Chapter Council.  The role of each Chapter Council is to ensure that members’ interests are properly represented. Chapter chairpersons automatically become directors on the IIOM

The best way for Members to understand the activities and relationship of the various parts of IIOM is to download the handbook. The IIOM International  Members Handbook relates to IIOM International matters and also includes UK chapter content.

Members should also read the IIOM Code of Conduct and the IIOM Disciplinary Code to understand how members are expected to interact and behave within the institute.

If you have any questions please refer them to the President, your Chapter Chairman or the CTO.

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